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Container corner castings


Hardly anybody. And yet containers are the most hard-wearing type of packaging in international transport and shipping and nobody could do without them. And often they are really roughly handled.
Container corner castings, the sensitive elements, are subject to the highest stress. Corner castings thus need to be of the best quality and produced from the best material. From steel that never lets you down. In short: container corner castings from Liezen Foundry. Because somebody MUST take care of containers and make sure that they are as reliable as customers expect them to be.

International approvals:
- LIoyd's Register of Shipping
- Bureau Veritas
- Germanischer LIoyd
- American Bureau of Shipping
- Det Norske Veritas
- Russian Shipping Register                      

Material: "Aldur S 45":
- rupture-proof, non-ageing fine grain structural steel with high yield point, 
- excellent weldability and guaranteed notched bar impact work for temperatures down
  to minus 50°C
- Its properties meet and even exceed international standards. For further technical
  details please refer to our specification.

Production range:
- Corner castings for ISO standard container; acc. to ISO 1161-1984 (E)
- Corner castings for 2.50 m and 2.55 m wide European overland containers;
  acc. to DIN 15190 and others
- Corner castings for 2.50 m and 2.55 m wide swap bodies
- Corner castings for American domestic containers
- Corner castings for special-purpose containers
- etc.

Due to the high quality standards, the corner castings of the Liezen Foundry are used by the most renowned container manufacturers in the world (Europe, North America, Africa,…)