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Excellent surface finish
The excellent surface finish is achieved by the fineness of the moulding sand used, by its thermal hardening on the heated steel mould and the subsequent blasting of the castings.

High dimensional accuracy compared to traditional sand casting processes
Due to the high dimensional accuracy, tolerances of the CT 9 tolerance series according to DIN ISO 8062 can be met. With 0.5 degrees, the mould cone needed for shell moulding is extraordinarily small compared to traditional sand casting processes. 

Small machining allowances
Given the high dimensional accuracy of the shell-moulding process, machining costs can be reduced by minimising the machining allowances. In some cases, no machining may be needed at all. 

Almost unlimited service life of the pattern equipment
The preferred material for the pattern is steel.

Perfect reproducibility within large series
The high process reliability and accuracy of the method as well as the service life of the patterns ensure a high degree of reproducibility of the castings. This, in turn, is the perfect prerequisite for subsequent treatment on semi- or fully automatic machining and production machines.