Rail Technologies

Rail Machining Technologies

MFL provides individual in-house technology products for rail machining and maintenance. Key targets are profitability, safety and noise reduction during railway operation.

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Rail sawing and drilling machines

Rail sawing and drilling machines

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Rail drilling and milling plants

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Mobile rail milling plants

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Stationary rail milling plants

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Axle sawing machines

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Wheel Sawing Machines

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Rail Sawing and Drilling Machines

Rail sawing and drilling plants are state-of-the-art plants using the sawing concept developed by MFL.

Upon request MFL delivers the whole measuring system consisting of sensors and rail temperature measuring device with corresponding length compensation. 

Your advantages

  • Sawing and drilling of the rails in one process.
  • Horizontally and vertically adjustable drill spindles.
  • Temperature compensation to be able to guarantee exact cut-off lengths with varying temperature conditions
  • Guaranteed length tolerances for rails from 5 m - 120 m

Rail Drilling and Milling Machines

Rail drilling and milling machines allow simultaneous machining of round and long holes in rails.

The machines are supplied with transport and positioning systems which transport the rail to the corresponding machining position. Additionally, they are provided with a plausibility check and rail temperature measuring for length compensation.

Your advantages

  • Machining of round and long holes with one machine
  • Vertical and horizontal machining of long holes
  • Precise chamfering within closest machining tolerances
  • Web measuring device to recognise markings
  • Exact length positioning due to material feed gripper 
  • Manipulator for automatic tool change

Mobile Rail Milling Machines

Mobile rail milling machines are used to eliminate rail defects such as wear of the rail/cross section errors, damage resulting from ageing, short or long waviness and head checks.

Your advantages

  • Machining of the rail head in one process
  • High material removal rate
  • Processing capacity up to 2 km/h
  • High accuracy of the milled cross- and longitudinal profile
  • Low residual waviness without additional grinding (0,0047 mm)
  • Environmentally friendly machining process
  • Applicable in underground and mainline tracks
  • Reduced tooling costs
  • Modular design for every application

Stationary Rail Milling Machines

Stationary rail milling plants are also used to eliminate rail defects. The rails have to be dismounted from the track bed for machining.

Axle sawing machines

Axle sawing machines are fully automated plants for cutting forged railway axles. For this purpose a module for end machining can be integrated e.g. a drilling module.


Possible Applications

  • Axles 

Wheel sawing machines

In a horizontal sawing procedure the prefabrication material to manufacture wheels is produced by wheel sawing machines.

Possible Applications

  • Full material

Preventive rail milling by MFL


Corrective rail milling by MFL