Worksafety & Health Protection

Safety & Health for our employees

Safety and health protection at work, accident prevention and plant safety are basic objectives of our enterprise.    

MFL Safety and Health Policy

MFL Safety and Health Policy

"Safety and health protection are an integral part of our enterprise and make an important contribution to corporate success".

Healthy employees are an essential precondition for productivity and economic success of our company as well as secure employment. Therefore, safety and health protection at work, accident prevention and plant safety are basic objectives of our company. To achieve these objectives we seek to constantly improve both health protection of our employees and plant safety. All employees are requested to play an active part in reaching those targets.

All managers and employees are obliged to abide by legal provisions and company regulations concerning safety at work at all times, to protect their own safety and the safety of the other employees and to consequently pay attention to avoid accidents and work-related diseases during all occupational acts. The management shall supply the required means to achieve this purpose.

Whoever disregards these principles carelessly, deliberately or even intentionally thus impairing or damaging their own health and performance or the health or performance of other employees, burdens the productivity and the image of the enterprise and its employees.

All employees are urged to submit proposals to prevent accidents and damages and to improve occupational health care and health protection. The corporate management is always willing to take up and to honour such suggestions.

The safety and health policy will be regularly checked and continuously improved in the course of the annual internal audit and the management review. Adjustments of the safety and health policy shall be carried out by the top management.

Ultimate responsibility for safety and heath protection shall be borne by the management supported by the safety health management representative respectively the safety health management team.

Internal publication of this policy shall be made by announcement in the entrance area, at the time recording points as well as in the central drive M under the information concerning occupational safety and environmental protection.

External publication shall be made on our homepage.

Certificate: Safety and Health Managementsystem according ISO 45001



Projects for Safety and Health

Evaluation of Mental Stress

Due to an anonymous employee survey, stress suffered at work was filtered in 2014 and 2022. In an immediately starting series of work shops accompanied by external experts improvement measures have been/are defined.

We want our employees to be exposed to a minimum of strains at the workplace. For this reason the Management has committed itself to continuous improvements in co-operation with external experts. Due to the active participation of the employees and the strong commitment of the department for safety, health and environmental care, a dynamic process has been started ensuring continuous improvements.

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Series of Seminars for Health Protection

Various relevant health topics are addressed by our company doctor Dr. Brückler and presented to the employees in speeches. The sensitivity for the risks of injuries and the possibilities to protect themselves against them have thus been considerably increased.

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Image Campaign Consciousness-Raising

By wearing personal protective equipment our employees protect their own health and maintain their quality of life. To enhance the consciousness for this even more an image campaign was started in 2018. All issues relating to personal protective equipment are addressed sequentially and conveyed in a likeable and pleasant way.


Fitness Programmes

Every year the employees are offered new exercise programmes. Back training, fitness training, dancing etc. strengthen health and increase well-being.