The perfect Cast Made in Austria

MFL Foundry - A Powerful Partner

We manufacture castings for rail traffic industry, environmental technology, construction industry,   automotive industry etc. As our client you are in the focus and we support you as your partner with

  • competent consulting
  • a tailor-made quotation
  • reliable order processing

This philosophy is the benchmark for our daily work aiming at the best possible production results so that our clients can produce competitively.

Precision makes the difference

As a leading manufacturer in Europe we manufacture castings with a mould size of up to 1,020 mm x 660 mm and a weight of approx. 0.5-180 kg with the shell mould procedure.

Numerous certifications, approvals as well as manufacturer-related product qualifications are our trademark.

Our scope of materials covers:

  • Non-alloyed and low-alloy steel castings
  • Cryogenic steel castings
  • Tempered steel castings
  • Heat resistant castings
  • Wear resistant castings