Efficiency is no coincidence

Planning and development


We invest in extensive preparation and plannning to minimise time losses and unneccessary additional costs during production.Various options concerning material, construction, production process and quality control are thoroughly considered and calculated in advance.

Computer simulation

MFL development Process simulation

Mould-filling and solidifying simulations are carried out to obtain a product that meets the required specifications.

Moulding process

MFL development Process - molding proces

We use the shell moulding process to assure highest product quality. 

Melting process

MFL development Process - Melting process

The melting pocess at MFL takes place in electric furnaces with a capacity of up to 8 tons.

Heat treatment

MFL development Process - heat treatment

As to heat treatment and hardening technology we are provided with vast know-how as well as all technical requirements for quenching and tempering by air or liquids.

Further treatment of unfinished castings

MFL development Process - aftercare

Castings are finished by CNC-controlled cutting-off machines, grinding machines and robots of the newest generation.

Due to the vast range of in-house engineering know-how we can offer the complete processing chain incl. surface treatment.