Our strength lies in precision in serial production

Individual castings

We are particularly flexible concerning production processes, materials and moulding and can therefore respond individually to our clients´ demands and supply various industries.

Examples of our scope of supply

  • Castings for the rail traffic
  • Castings for grate bars
  • Individual serial parts for machinery and plant engineering
  • Castings for commercial vehicles and agricultural machinery
  • Wear parts for mills
  • Castings for mining and construction machines
  • Automotive castings
  • Container corner castings

Castings for the rail traffic

One of our manufacturing specialities are safety-relevant castings for the rail traffic. Due to the shell mould process we are in a position to manufacture perfect castings with a maximum of quality and precision which meet the high demands on safety.

  • Bogies
  • Carriage bodies for the sectors railway, tramway, underground
  • Coupling systems
  • Components for retarders
  • Switch components
  • Railway construction machines

Castings for Stokers

Years of research and development enable us to manufacture air-cooled and water-cooled grate bars in many different versions. Water-cooled parts are cooled by means of an embedded cooling pipe or cored cooling channels.

All over the world our castings are used in incineration plants and power plants.

  • Waste incineration plants
  • Biomass incineration plants
  • Boilers
  • Coal-fired power stations 
  • Sintering plants