Centre of Excellence Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering with Tradition

80 years of know-how in Mechanical Engineering combined with permanent technical further development, that´s the reason why many of our clients decide to have their products manufactured at MFL. In our daily work we demonstrate high quality standards, reliability, flexibility and efficiency.

The product portfolio includes manufacturing individual parts and serial parts as well as complex machines and plants for clients all over the world. Under the slogan "Passion for Perfection“ we supply state-of-the-art quality enabling our clients to produce more profitably and competitively.

Our Capabilities - Your Possibilities

MFL´s capabilities in manufacture and assembly or in global dispatch and purchase logistcs are almost unlimited.


  • 220,000 m2 plant grounds
  • 67,000 m² production area
  • 700 employees in Liezen
  • Quantity of raw materials processed per year: metal sheets 9,000 tons and bars 3,000 tons
  • Maximum crane capacity: 50 tons
  • Maximaum length of components: 35 m
  • Maximum dimension of components: 6 x 8 m
  • Direct rail connections, 150 m zero track with assembly pits
  • Warehouse: high-rack store facilities for 7,000 pallets, controlled by the latest SW-Warehousing System

Project Implementation

We cover all steps of project schedule including


  • Product developement –design-to-cost
  • Cosntruction
  • Technical consulting an feasibility studies
  • Project management
  • Comprehensive quality planning and quality assurance
  • Management of parts provided by clients