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Mixer Vessel for Voest Alpine Steel Works

December 02, 2015

In the early morning a giant weighing 42 tons left the premises of MFL. A so-called "mixer vessel" was delivered to the Voest Alpine works in Donawitz, Austria, on a special flat-bed lorry. There this giant vessel will be used to transport molten steel within the works. In a single fill up to 185 tons of molten steel can be transported e.g. from the furnace to the respective casting station using the internal rail network.

This special container made of high-quality fine-grained steel is almost 20 m long, has a diameter of 3 m and is designed to resist especially high temperatures. To be able to resist the heat and the pressure of the molten steel the demands on the quality of the welding seams were extraordinarily high.
Equipped with an ultra-modern welding crane the MFL welding department has specialised in particularly large components. Once again MFL has managed to manufacture a high-quality product.

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