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An order worth millions: MFL implements a high-tech conveyor system

October 11, 2021

An order worth millions for MFL: The traditional Styrian company is currently implementing a "hot fines" recycling system - a highly innovative conveyor system for the return of fine ore residues following the briquetting process - for an international client. The planning, development and production are all happening in Liezen. Delivery of the system to Russia is planned for the end of 2022.

Weighing more than 50 tons and with a height of 30 metres, the colossal dimensions of the highly innovative conveyor system only reveal a part of the sophisticated technology behind the industrial product being built in Liezen. A deeper look reveals that the system is also a true heavyweight from an innovation point of view: This is because the Liezen development ensures that any high-quality residues that rise to the top when pressing the fine ores (so-called fines) into iron briquettes at 750 degrees, are fed back into the production process. In other words: While, to date, the resulting residues had to be thrown out, causing significant losses and excessive pollution, they can now be recycled. The customer for the innovative system is the Linz-based, internationally operating, Primetals Technologies group.

Application in Russia

For MFL managing director Herbert Decker, the delivery of this special MFL system is a milestone: "The fact that we have been given the confidence of this international technology group to implement such a highly complex and demanding recycling system is a testament to the outstanding competence and innovative strength of our specialists. With this state-of-the-art development, we can make an important contribution to protecting the environment as well as adding value domestically. Because both the engineering and production are happening entirely in Liezen," emphasizes the managing director. Overall, the duration of the contract will last 14 months. The system, which will be used in a plant in Russia, is due to be delivered at the end of 2022. The order value is a high single-digit million sum.

High demands

The requirements for the system are significant: The conveyor systems must be heat-resistant (up to 750 °C), gas-tight and able to withstand an explosion pressure of ten bar, strong gusts of wind and earthquakes. This is because the residues resulting from the compression process react with oxygen and could ignite within a few seconds. Such tasks are not new territory for MFL: It is already the third system of this type that the Ennstaler Leitbetrieb is implementing. Most recently, the Styrian company contributed four high-performance conveyor systems to the voestalpine plant in Corpus Christi, Texas. "We were able to land these milestone projects due to our engineering expertise and our manufacturing know-how. The size and depth of our technology park allows us to act almost independently of international sub-suppliers in this segment, and to offer everything from a single source," stresses Managing Director Decker.

The responsible product managers, Gerald Schupfer and Bernhard Scherer, emphasize that they worked tirelessly for around a year to bring the planning and production to Austria: "As a high-quality special machine manufacturer in a high-wage country, we prevailed against international competition from Russia, the Czech Republic, Italy and Poland. In order to be able to remain competitive in terms of costs, this requires an individual, optimized and innovative approach. We have positioned ourselves as absolute experts in this niche on an international level," explained the duo.

The responsible project team: (from left to right) Bernhard Scherer, Gerald Schupfer, Reinhard Rieger

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