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100 Measures for Future: MFL Sees to Millions of Investments

April 19, 2021

Maschinenfabrik Liezen und Gießerei (MFL) gives a strong signal: Some ten million Euro will be invested in the Styrian company by the end of 2022. With a package of measures comprising 100 coordinated single investments the level and the quality of the infrastructure respectively manufacturing will be further increased, and processes will be digitalised. Thanks to an overall more stable order situation, short-time work ended in the end of March in all departments. New staff will be recruited.

The globally acting industrial concern MFL is setting a strong investment course at the headquarters of the company in Liezen, Styria: In total, the Ennstal company will invest some ten million € in the Styrian location. By the end of next year, 100 coordinated investments will have taken place like e.g., purchasing high-tech plants and precision tools, implementing respectively expanding digital systems, and installing state-of-the-art quality testing facilities. “This is one of the largest investment programmes of the last decades at MFL. With these 100 investments we will bring the whole location, production & manufacturing of the company to the next level – and we will further expand and strengthen the competitiveness and future sustainability of MFL,” declares MFL Managing Director Herbert Decker. One half of the investment measures shall take place in 2021. “This programme enables us to expand our expertise in the market not only selectively but with really large-scale effects,” emphasises the Managing Director.

Realising the market potentials

In concrete terms, this broad-based investment programme shall particularly strengthen MFL‘s strategic positioning as a supply partner for the international machine building and plant engineering industries. “Thereby, the market potentials in railway system technology, apparatus und vessel construction, as well as in special vehicle technology shall be better exploited,” says Markus Geier, Head of the Business Unit Mechanical Engineering. MFL’s strategic investment programme has also long-ranging positive effects on the jobs in the well-established enterprise in Upper Styria: Existing employees shall be higher qualified, new jobs will be created both in mechanical engineering and in the foundry. Therefore, skilled workers for all departments like e.g., testing & analysing and metal cutting technology departments are being looked for.

End of short-time work at MFL

The long-term strategic modernisation and expansion course heralds the end of short-time work in the Ennstal enterprise. “At the end of March, we stopped this bridging element which significantly contributed to secure jobs and employment in the remaining departments as well. Nevertheless, the currently positive developments in the company must not deceive us about the fact that the situation in the global market has not changed and is as challenging as ever. We will continue to confidently face this challenge with the announced structural optimisation,” concedes Managing Director Decker.


Herbert Decker, Managing Director and Markus Geier, Head of Mechanical Engineering

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