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Major Operation of the Fire Brigade at MFL

August 03, 2016

On Tuesday, August 02, 2016, the fire brigade of Maschinenfabrik Liezen started a major training exercise in the foundry at 7:30 p.m. The extensive training operation for a simulated fire disaster shall ensure that all task forces involved are coordinated in the best possible way in the event of an emergency.

Creating realistic models of dangerous situations is one of the biggest challenges to carry out such an emergency drill. The MFL Management spared no expense to meet these requirements and Managing Director Dkfm. Herbert Decker stated “this is the only way to gain valuable insights relating to our internal emergency plan and the coordination of all necessary emergency organisations”.

An external company was engaged to generate thick smoke in the foundry hall to simulate a dust explosion created by a fire. The operational concept of the MFL company fire brigade under the direction of commander of Michael Wolf envisaged to rescue six persons reported missing as quickly as possible under most severe conditions of visibility and respiration as well as to contain the fire. The “rescued” persons (dummies were used for the training exercise) were brought to a paramedic assembly point for Red Cross primary care in the case of an emergency.
Exemplary Cooperation
In addition to generating realistic conditions coordinating the surrounding task forces is the major task of the head of operations. This coordination was carried out jointly with the voluntary fire brigade Liezen supplying the command vehicle. The exemplary cooperation of the auxiliary staff MFL company fire brigade, voluntary fire brigade Liezen, voluntary fire brigade Phyrn, voluntary fire brigade Weißenbach as well as Red Cross Liezen was demonstrated once again during this training exercise.

Valuable Findings
Continuously observing the training exercise by posted exercise observers allows complete analysis of the operation processes. All positive and negative aspects as well as potentials for improvement will then be stated in a written report to be evaluated in order to be equipped for an emergency.




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