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MFL invests in eco-friendly energy supply

February 19, 2019

By investing around half a million € MFL has repositioned its internal energy supply.
Already after the first winter, energy consumption will be reduced by the extent of the consumption of 100 detached houses.

In the MFL Foundry castings are processed in up to 1,000° Celsius hot heat treatment furnaces supplying a waste heat temperature of up to 900° Celsius.
MFL is now utilising this existing heat. Due to the installation of heat exchangers, the waste heat of altogether four furnaces has been fed into an in-house heating network since last year. “Now we can re-use the otherwise unexploited heat,“ simplifies Managing Director Herbert Decker. Actually, some 2,000 megawatt hours are fed into the MFL heating network due to the four heat recovery systems – almost a quarter of the used and otherwise unexploited energy can thus be re-used. As a reference point, this equates to the energy consumption of around 100 detached houses in the Ennstal valley.
Especially during winter, the recycled energy is used to heat the MFL premises. In summer, surplus energy is fed into the Liezen district heating system unless it is utilised directly at the operating site. “With this action we want to underline our role as a future-oriented technology company. For us, it is essential to make a lasting contribution here in our region - even beyond legal requirements and norms,“ says Mr Decker. This project is also paying off on the CO2 basis, as almost 500 tons CO2 can be saved thanks to this step.
Ecological reversal of the trend
To achieve this ecological objective the model company invested around half a million € in Liezen: 1,400 metres heating lines and 700 metres connecting lines were installed with a clear vision: “This is a sustainable investment in both environmental and economic terms as it allows cost savings totalling around 100,000 € per year.”


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