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January 14, 2019

From Linz to Graz – and then further on to Wald am Schoberpass. The long-distance runner Michael Haberl from Wald am Schoberpass took on as many as 436 kilometres for Hannah-Marie and Lisa, two young girls from Upper Styria. In this project, he was supported by Maschinenfabrik Liezen und Gießerei, his employer.

When working for MFL, he sets sparks flying all the time. Shortly before Christmas, however, Michael Haberl brought a very special light to Styrian households. The 32-year old fireman shouldered some 400 kilometres for this charitable purpose. He transported the Light of Peace from Linz via Mariazell to Graz by bicycle – and from there he ran 122 kilometres to Wald am Schoberpass with the Light of Peace. “In order to overcome this distance, you need more than physical fitness – you have to be really passionate about the project.”

Sponsored Run for Young Girls from Upper Styria
His passion is kindled by charitable thoughts. Haberl covered the distance for 3-year-old Hannah-Marie from Leoben who needed a liver transplant due to a tumour; and for 21-year-old Lisa from St. Michael who suffers from BNS-epilepsy and autism. “The medication Hannah-Marie has to take since her transplant severely affects her teeth. Our objective is to give her back her smile,” says the long-distance runner. Financing a so-called Snoezelen room is the main goal for Lisa. This special retreat facility allows her to relax – because due to a pervasive development disorder it is very difficult for the 21-year-old girl to process stimuli from her environment. “We want to give Lisa the opportunity to relax and find her ease of mind,“ explains Haberl, who was supported by the Fire Brigade Federation Leoben, by his employer, the company Maschinenfabrik Liezen und Gießerei, and by countless sponsors and donors. “These two fates put many issues into perspective by. That is why we - an enterprise with a strong regional basis – want to make a contribution,” emphasises MFL Managing Director Herbert Decker and adds: “We are very proud to have persons that are so dedicated, passionate and focused as Michael Haberl among our employees.”


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