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Pre-heating furnace for castings

May 29, 2019

To weld castings, they need to be heated from the prevailing ambient temperature to a temperature of 150°C to 400°C, depending on the alloy. In the past this was carried out by means of natural gas burners in an open “pre-heating space”.

By installing a new furnace with a closed housing plus insulation radiating heat losses can be considerably reduced. After evaluating possible solutions, the best financially viable option was using an electric furnace with air recirculation. The environmental impact results from the significantly reduced radiation losses as the energy is precisely used for the castings. 
Based on the potential analysis it can be deducted that the annual energy consumption may be reduced by 711.28 MWh thanks to the steps described. This means that every year some 137 tons of climate-relevant CO2 emissions can be avoided.

This project is being co-financed by the European Fund for Regional Development with a contribution of € 18,656.00.
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Pre-heating furnace for castings

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