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Sustainable Reduction of Energy Consumption

November 26, 2019

As part of the climate initiative klima:aktiv the Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism granted MFL an award for the project “heat recovery” in Vienna on November 26. With an investment of around half a million EUR the technology company MFL in the Ennstal region has adapted the internal energy supply. Already after the first winter, energy corresponding to the consumption of 100 Ennstal single-family homes has been be saved.

100 Ennstal single-family homes
The innovative 800-people enterprise has recently utilised these maximum temperatures. Due to the installation of heat exchangers, the waste heat of a total of four furnaces has been fed to an in-house heating network since last year. “Thereby we can re-use the otherwise unused temperature,” simplifies Managing Director Decker. Specifically, some 2,000 megawatt hours are fed to the MFL heating networks thanks to the four heat recovery systems – almost 25% of the used and otherwise wasted energy can thus be recycled. To give just a rough indication: That is about the energy consumption of 100 single-family houses in the Ennstal region. Particularly in the current winter months, this “new“ energy is used to heat the MFL premises. In summer, the surplus energy is fed to the Liezen district heating grid unless it is used directly at the company premises. “By taking this measurement we want to underline our active role as a future-oriented technology company. For us, the decisive factor is to make a sustainable contribution within the region – well beyond the legal standards,“ says the MFL Managing Director. The project also pays off regarding CO2: This measure could reduce CO2 emissions by almost 500 tons per year, says Decker.

Winter premiere
The Ennstal model company invested around half a million EUR at the site to achieve this ecological turnaround: 1,400 m heating and 700 m connecting pipes were installed - not without farsightedness: “This is a sustainable investment in both ecological and environmental terms as it allows for savings of 100,000 EUR per year. Profitability and environmental awareness do not exclude each other,” emphasises Foundry Manager Peter Fuchs who is just as satisfied with the implementation of the measure as the Project Managers Michael Wolf and Roland Kahr. “We have now mastered the first winter with this kind of energy supply - and the savings partly even exceed our expectations,” confirms Fuchs.

MFL: Award for Reduction of Energy Consumption

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