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World Climate Summit: Styrian Enterprise Presented as “Best Practice”

November 16, 2022

Maschinenfabrik Liezen und Gießerei (MFL) has participated in the world climate summit: Invited by the organisers the leading company from the Ennstal region has globally presented its in-house ecological programme as an international pioneer in its industry. Environmentally oriented measures are also increasingly demanded by the market.

Currently, the Egyptian town of Sharm-el-Sheikh is the centre of attention in the fight against climate change: More than 30,000 participants, among them some 100 Heads of State and Government, are discussing on measures to minimise emissions of harmful greenhouse gases during the 27th edition of the World Climate Change Conference. If it is up to the organisers of the UN project "Vision 2045" which is a part of the climate conference, it is worth taking a look at the Styrian Ennstal if you are looking for solutions: As one of only 50 companies worldwide, Maschinenfabrik Liezen und Gießerei (MFL) has in the last days presented its in-house ecological programme as a "best practice" example for industrial companies on the international stage. In addition, the pioneering company has set up its own discussion panels on future-oriented topics, including – among other things - infrastructure. “Being present at this place is a great honour and distinction for the business location Liezen.


Increasing pressure coming from the market

Decker himself was a personal visitor to Egypt. His impression: “In the future, the fight against climate change will not only be based on ecologically necessary commitments of the companies themselves or existing EU standards. The successively stricter laws and the pressure of the market require to embark on a highly sustainable strategy, especially in the industrial sector. In the medium term, companies without climate and environmental orientation will be excluded from economic life,” says the Managing Director from the Ennstal region. Measurements such as the energy management system implemented and certified by MFL already in 2014 or the reduction of energy consumption by a third until 2030 would “not only be done out of responsibility towards future generations but in the future also due to pressure applied by the market,” says Decker. Because: “Ecology and economic efficiency must go hand in hand.”


85 percent recycling rate in foundry

The best example of this is the circular economy professionalised by MFL in the Liezen foundry. This was presented during the climate conference in an exemplary manner: MFL Foundry Manager Peter Fuchs gives some details: ”Recycling non-renewable raw materials to the maximum possible extent is not a trend, but an absolute must. Foundry technology does so from scratch. In our enterprise, we have now reached a raw material recycling rate of more than 85 percent and a waste recycling rate of more than 98 percent thanks to corresponding measurements.” An advantage of foundries over other manufacturing sectors is that steel scrap and replaced castings are used to manufacture products of equal or even higher value, explains the MFL Manager. Apodosis: ”This circular economy practiced by us is exemplary for the entire industry, which sees itself as part of the solution - and not the problem - in the context of climate change,” emphasizes Managing Director Decker.



Finance Minister Magnus Brunner convinced himself of MFL's sustainability competence at an on-site meeting

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