The perfect Tool

Saw blades with replaceable carbides


High-quality MFL saw blades are upplied with an exchange system ensuring quick and easy change of carbides.

Your advantages

  • High profitability due to short service times
  • Exchange off carbides by your own staff
  • Up to 50 % shorter cutting times due to higher cutting speed and higher feed rates
  • Approx. 50 % longer tool life compared to common saw blades
  • No costly transport logistics, saw blades need not be re-sharpened any more
  • Suitable for sawing machines made by MFL and third-party manufacturers
  • In-house consulting and repair 

Drilling chamfering tools


The drilling chamfering tools are equipped with hard metal drill plates and integrated hard metal chamfering knives to chamfer the bores on both sides.

Your advantages

  • Chamfer size adjustable by pressure adjusting screws and exchangeable spring elements
  • Chamfers possible up to 4 mm or only deburring of the bores
  • Applicable for all bore diameters
  • Cooling system in the drill designed for air, minimum quantity lubrication and high-pressure internal cooling
  • Development for dry machining too

Milling tools


These milling tools are tool bodies equipped with exchangeable cartridges. In these cartridges there are cutting inserts. The milling tools are used to prepare welding seams and to generate different profile forms. 

Your advantages

  • Generating different profile forms with only one tool body
  • Exchangeable cartridges protect the tool body against damage. If there is a crash, only the cartridges have to be changed.

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